FORENSIC geotechnical investigation

AJK's staff specializes in developing reasons for distress in buildings, foundations, retaining walls, slopes, swimming pools, pavements and roads.  We take a multi-disciplinary approach toward solving forensic engineering problems in the most efficient and accurate way possible.
Our firm possesses specialized equipment and sampling devices that can obtain soil samples in areas with limited access. Furthermore, our firm has versatile instrumentation capabilities. AJK's testing facilities can test distressed materials, evaluate the cause(s) of distress and develop proper repair techniques.  AJK's staff members have conducted many forensic engineering projects.


In summary, the Geotech Engineering and Testing forensic engineering services consist of the following:

  • Review of existing data and reports
  • Conduct field, laboratory and engineering analyses to find out the distress causation
  • Perform field instrumentation installation to monitor changes over a designated time span.
  • Conduct non-destructive testing.
  • Assess the risk of further distress.
  • Develop recommendations for repairs.
  • Develop cost estimates for various repair techniques.
  • Develop construction repair documents.
  • Conduct construction management and quality control.
  • Provide expert witness services on the cases that litigation is taking place.




Geotechnical Investigation

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